401(k) Group Retirement Plans


Your plan's participants are counting on you to vet and select an array of investments that will help meet their retirement goals. With our resources, you will know how the plan's money is being directed, whether the fees paid are reasonable, and that you are receiving the services you are paying for. 

  • Fund line-up comparison
  • Fee comparison
  • Expense analyzer

Fiduciary Accountability

As the sponsor of a retirement plan, fiduciary responsibility is one of the most important challenges you face. Through our exclusive suite of resources, you can successfully address your fiduciary challenges, maintain your plan in keeping with up-to-date standards and practices, and contribute to the retirement readiness of your participants. 

  • Fiduciary monitoring system
  • Investment due diligence
  • Fiduciary vault

Plan Design

Because of a focus on retirement plans, our financial advisors understand today's retirement landscape, including the very latest trends and regulations. Our advisors can help you design your plan with its ultimate goal in mind: to allow participants the opportunity to retire ready. 

  • Retirement plan healthcheck
  • Retirement outcomes evaluator

Plan Management

With so many details involved in a well-executed retirement plan, you need to stay focused. But how much time can you really devote to scheduling, planning, and meeting all of the requirements? Our advisors have resources to help ease that burden, through our retirement-specific systems. 

  • ERISA Help Desk

We offer professional and customized services on:

401k Plans

Individual 401k Plans

403b Plans

Multiple Employer Plans

Profit Sharing Plans

Defined Benefit and Cash Balance Plans

New Comparability and Age-weighted Plans

Plan Limits


Elective Deferral Limit


Catch UP Limit (age 50 or older by year end)


Defined Contributions Annual Limit


Highly Compensated Employee


Compensation Limit


Defined Contributions Annual Limit (with Catch Up)


Key Employee-Officer Compensation


Employee Benefits

Greener Path Retirement Planning has established a Life and Health insurance agency to better service the employee benefit needs of our group clients.

Services We Offer:

  • Group Health Insurance
  • Employee Life Insurance
  • Dental, Vision & Disability
  • Executive Benefits

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